Living Better with Yourself

A Practical Guide to Embodied Growth

Embark upon a journey of embodied self-development that enables you to live better with yourself. This is an opportunity for you to better integrate your mind, body, emotions and behaviour, while using your body as a primary way of bringing about change within yourself.

This book focuses on predominant aspects of the human experience and integrates different psychological and body-focused approaches. Each chapter aims to increase your awareness of how you currently experience your life, offering you the opportunity to better understand how your past has impacted your own development and providing you with tools to further your personal growth.

We will look at your experience of fear, anger, shame and guilt, and how to strike a balance between the cognitive and emotional sides of yourself. You will also learn how to better deal with your inner critical voice, any ‘should’ statements in your life and your relationship with control. We will also focus on our inherent need for safety and the ‘good’ and ‘not-so-good’ sides that each one of us have. Finally, we will look at how you can further develop your sense of self-worth.

This book is also an excellent resource for accompanying others in their personal growth.

Living Better with Yourself

• 180 exercises to get to know yourself better and develop yourself further in an embodied way
• Over 50 audio files to guide you through a number of the exercises
• Space to write and sketch while journaling your personal journey
• Key insight into 10 main areas of being human
• A special focus on the impact of trauma

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About the author

Michael Conti

Michael Conti is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist, trauma specialist, coach, counsellor and supervisor. He holds Master’s degrees in Counselling and Psychotherapy and in Supervision for Psychosocial Professionals. He is a trained EMDR trauma therapist and a specialist in Somatic Sexuality. Michael has worked in LGBTQIA+ organisations, schools, vocational colleges and emergency services. He has taught on Master’s degree programmes and delivered seminars to both professionals and organisations. Michael currently runs a successful private practice as well as offering workshops and trainings.

Audio files

Here you can find the FREE audio files that accompany some of the exercises in the book. You can listen to the audio directly from this website, download it for your personal use or stream it from major digital music platforms.

Living Better with Yourself audio